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PNGIXP Press Release: 25/01/2016
One of the best tools on the internet for EU’s to check internet speed is
From today we go live and you can test your internet speed from the IXP via
TPNG Press Release: 20/11/2015

The ICT Industry is working collaboratively behind the scene to ensure the industry
delivers affordable internet rates to consumers. This fits well with the governments
agenda  to reduce internet rates for consumers across all segments. Internet is becoming
an important tool for business and personal use in Papua New Guinea.
In a meeting attended by most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) this week a number
of resolutions had been agreed to which included a significant decision to invite Google
to establish caching in PNG.  Google confirmed that if the majority of ISP’s all agree to
share the costs then they will come.
Most of the ISP’s that attended the meeting included, Digitec, Hitron, Siusoft, Speedcast,
TPNG, Telinet, Datec, Wanpleswireless. BMobile was unable to attend but has agreed
that it will support the group.
“We have majority consensus from most of the ISP’s so we are confident that Google Cache
will be setup in PNG, but this announcement and timing will come from Google once all
details are formalised in the coming weeks. The retail industry will benefit greatly from
response times thus significantly reducing overall data costs that will help drive the retail
price down,” a spokesman for the group said.


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